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Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

The cold water high pressure cleaner is very much the pressure washer equivalent of the workhorse in industrial and domestic cleaning. Its efficacy is well known and appreciated by users as a machine used in the right circumstances makes short work of potentially difficult cleaning jobs.

Cold water high pressure cleaners – How they work.

The principle of a cold water high pressure cleaner is quite straightforward, but depending on the size and duty of the machine more complexity is added. At its simplest level water is introduced into the body of the machine, where a pump pressurizes the water which then passes through a high pressure hose to the cleaning lance or spray gun. The cleaning lance is trigger operated and may have option of being lockable for continuous operation. At the end of the cleaning lance is the nozzle through which the water is expelled. The nozzle is adjustable to configure the spray pattern and velocity required depending on the cleaning job in hand. The narrower the jet the more directional will be the cleaning power, however care should always be exercised with this equipment as the water can be extremely powerful and therefore dangerous if used immoderately.

Cold water high pressure cleaners – Different Types

The cold water high pressure cleaner is available in different configurations suitable for a variety of applications. For lighter jobs there are many smaller, portable machine, electric powered and easy to transport. Portable machines are available in various sizes and there are large versions available which are independently engine powered and useful for using in remote areas or where power is not available. An example of this type of machine would be the EDGE Ranger series which offer diesel or petrol engines in a robust construction, useful for tougher environments. Where a regular heavy duty clean up is needed then a wall mounted static machine with variable water flow and pressure would be the solution. The advantage of this type is that it is always available with sophisticated controls to enable a variety of tasks to be carried out.

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