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Cleaning In Place

As industrial processes have become more complex so have the cleaning methods to keep pace. The change is driven by a need for efficiency and cost saving. The requirement for fast yet effective cleaning is ongoing and methods are constantly being refined. Modern industrial processes would be largely impossible without the sophisticated cleaning available today.

Cleaning in Place Description.

Cleaning in Place is usually abbreviated to CIP and it used to describe any cleaning system that cleans apparatus automatically in situ. The system uses a solution of chemicals usually heated which is introduced into pipework or vessel under pressure to clean the surface. It is a calculation to ascertain the correct quantities of the variables in use for this process to ensure that the surface has been cleaned to an acceptable standard. On the face of it this seems like an expensive exercise but it is possible to recover and reuse the chemical. The ability to reuse the entire cleaning agent is known as total recovery, to be able to reuse some of the chemical would be partial recovery and if nothing was reused then it is known as a total loss.

Cleaning in Place - Typical Applications

Because of the nature of cleaning in place systems, there is very little human intervention so there is an inherent safety advantage in that there is less handling of potentially hazardous chemicals. The equipment being cleaned does not need dismantling which saves a great deal of time. CIP is used in a variety of industries such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy and Brewing etc. Although the system is known as cleaning in place the cleaning machinery itself can sometimes be portable and moved to the equipment requiring cleaning. This might be used for tanks vessels or pipework where it is not necessary or possible to have a static cleaning system. The nature of cleaning in place systems is that it is built or adapted to the specific job requirement and so the best advice is required when looking at cleaning in place equipment

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