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Cleaning in Place System

Cleaning in place or C.I.P., as it is abbreviated, is a system that allows the cleaning of equipment such as pipework and tanks used in industrial processes without disassembly. It is often an automatic process with little human intervention, partly because of the often hazardous nature of the chemicals used and because of the economic saving. A cleaning in place system is a sophisticated solution to cleaning problems and is usually developed or adapted for a particular purpose. The cleaning requirements in the pharmaceutical industry are more rigorous than say the aggregate business, although both may commonly require equipment cleaning.

Cleaning in Place System –Types

Because of the nature of a cleaning in place system and its uniqueness to the operation it is serving, there can be opportunities for cost saving depending on the type of system. Once the system is installed a large expense is the cleaning chemicals. It is possible, depending on the type of system and the cleaning requirements, to recover the chemicals and re-use them in future cleaning cycles. If it is not possible to recover the chemicals it is known as a total loss system, if some of the chemicals can be re-cycled it is known as a partial recovery and if all the chemicals are recovered it is known as a total recovery.

Cleaning in Place System – Overview

As has been discussed a cleaning in place system is often automated with little human intervention. It can be said also that where regular clean up of equipment is effected say in the food processing business which is carried out external to the equipment that this is also cleaning in place. For instance say a centralised cleaning system operated form a ring main system with a central computer operated modular pumping system, could be construed as a cleaning in place system. The cleaning is regular but carried out externally rather than internally. For an effective cleaning regime all aspects of cleaning system design and improvisation has to be drawn on

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