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 Cleaning Equipment Tamworth

Tamworth has a rich and varied history and was at one time the most important settlement in the Midlands, or Mercia as it was known in the 8th Century! Times have changed somewhat and whilst Tamworth is no longer the capital of Mercia, it is a thriving Staffordshire town with a diverse industrial base. Recent years have seen a rise in Tamworth’s population, to some extent fuelled by overspill from surrounding conurbations, but good transport links have made Tamworth an attractive prospect for new businesses as well.

One local company that has been serving the businesses of Tamworth is B & G Cleaning who have been supplying cleaning equipment since 1983. With a large range of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment from leading manufacturers to buy or hire, we can supply a cleaning machine for any cleaning requirement, whether small or large. We can also design and install bespoke cleaning equipment where there is a regular ongoing cleaning requirement. We service and repair all cleaning machine as well and supply parts or attachments for particular applications. In fact we are a one stop shop for everything to do with cleaning equipment and we provide great advice too!

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