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 Cleaning Equipment in Stafford

As with many of our towns and cities Stafford has seen many changes in its economy. There was a vibrant shoe making industry as far back as the 15th Century which has now disappeared as well as a steam locomotive firm which is no longer active. There is still an active heavy electrical engineering industry as well as diesel engines being manufactured nearby, so not all heavy industry has been lost.

One of the reasons for industry to locate in Stafford was the excellent rail network and Stafford was a significant hub. This has changed somewhat over the years, but there is still a good service for north to south travel and east to west has improved recently. This means that links to Liverpool and London by rail, together with the close proximity of the M6, make Stafford an attractive place to live for commuters and local residents. There are many workers from Stoke and Birmingham who prefer to live in the quainter environment that Stafford provides.

Any commercial activity needs a variety of services such as professional cleaning equipment to enable it to function effectively and B & G Cleaning have been supplying a wide range of cleaning machines to the Stafford area for over 30 years. With scrubber dryers, floor sweepers, pressure washers and steam cleaners available to buy or hire they provide cleaning machines for all applications. They can also provide parts for most commercial cleaning machines as well as offering servicing and repairing

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