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Cleaning Equipment in Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the places, outside of London, that Americans have heard of! The reason for this of course is Robin Hood, a myth that seems to have a universal appeal across all nations. There is much more to Nottingham in reality than an outlaw legend.

Settled by Anglo Saxons, invaded by Vikings, fought over in the Civil War and the scene of riots at various times and for various reasons, Nottingham has a fascinating real story outside of myth and legend. Today Nottingham is a vibrant city, rich in culture and with a thriving industrial and commercial base and is a sought after place to live and work in

Serving the Nottingham area for over 25 years, B & G Cleaning offer a range of leading brand commercial and industrial cleaning equipment to buy or hire. We can also offer service, repair, parts and accessories for all makes and models of cleaning equipment. With great advice and service we believe we can offer the complete package for all cleaning equipment requirements.

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