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Cleaning Equipment in Burton

Burton is a thriving town in the Midlands straddling the river Trent which has contributed greatly to the town’s economic success throughout its history. Water has played a significant role in the development of Burton as the local water quality has enabled the development of the brewing industry and the extended navigation of the Trent enabled the finished product to be sent to market.

The industrial base of Burton has expanded since the brewing revolution of the late Nineteenth Century with some brewery related offshoots like Marmite and Bovril together with Pirelli, who are a major employer in the town. In common with most towns and cities in the modern era Burton is also home to a wide variety of smaller companies supplying goods and services. One such is B & G Cleaning who have been providing cleaning equipment to companies in and around Burton for over 25 years.

B & G offer the full range of industrial cleaning machines to buy or hire including leading brands like Karcher and Nilfisk. They also have parts for a wide range of different cleaning machines as well as offering servicing and maintenance either as a one off or as part of an ongoing service agreement. Bespoke cleaning systems for specific applications are also available from B & G Cleaning.

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