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Chemical Free Cleaning Equipment

The use of chemicals for commercial cleaning has grown in recent years, although there are concerns about the possible over-use of chemicals during cleaning as they are perceived to be potentially harmful to the environment and the person using them. No one wants to use chemicals unless they have to, so cleaning methods that reduce or remove the need for them are becoming more popular.

Detergent-free industrial cleaning using pressure washers

Water is of course used for all types of cleaning and sometimes the use of chemicals is hard to avoid, for instance to sanitise surfaces in food and healthcare environments.  

In many cases though, a hot water pressure washer with the right flow / pressure combination can clean adequately without detergent. Another feature of some pressure washers, where additional cleaning power is required, is the ability to create steam to achieve deeper cleaning. The steam produced in a pressure washer has a high water content though, so whilst adequate for many types of cleaning, it does not effectively sanitise a surface.

Dry steam cleaning and sanitisation machines

The basic principle of a dry steam cleaner is that, by putting the water in the boiler under pressure, the boiling point of the water is raised to achieve saturated steam i.e. steam with a low water content – usually 5-6%. Effective sanitation is only achieved where the temperature of the steam is above 140°C when micro-organisms such as bacteria and dust mites will be killed and at this temperature, the steam penetrates deep into the surface being cleaned, and gets into the nooks and crannies that other cleaning methods may not. Dry steam cleaning emulsifies oil and grease as well as destroying germs, which allows the liquefied residue to be removed by vacuum or other means such as a micofibre cloth.

A dry steam cleaner can be used on most surfaces except those that are very sensitive to heat and in addition to cleaning without chemicals, they also use less water, an additional environmental benefit.
View our dry steam cleaners here. We have a wide range, from small portable machines to industrial steam cleaners providing up to 10 bar pressure.

To find out more about cleaning equipment which can help to make you less reliant on chemicals, view some environmentally friendly equipment products or call us to discuss your needs - we're happy to offer advice.