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Scrubber Dryers - Pedestrian and Ride-on

A wide selection of pedestrian and ride-on floor scrubbers

Pressure washer glossary

An extensive range of leading brand floor scrubber dryers from compact designs for cleaning awkward areas, to larger ride-on floor scrubbers for cleaning industrial and retail areas.

Floor scrubbers and scrubber dryers are fitted with rotating brushes which, together with water and detergent, literally scrub the floor. The brushes are often self levelling to deal with uneven floors and ensure efficient cleaning. The residue is then collected by a system of squeegees, and sometimes vacuum, depositing the residue in a holding tank.

They can be pedestrian operated (or walk-behind scrubber driers) which means they are pushed around the floor, or ride-on machines (sit-on scrubber driers) for larger floor areas.

All scrubber driers are robustly constructed and have large solution capacity to ensure longer cleaning time, whilst being easy to operate, reducing fatigue and ensuring efficient cleaning. For an explanation of some of the terms used on our products please see our Scrubber Dryers Glossary.

We are constantly updating our product range so if you require details of our older floor scrubbers, you will find them in the Discontinued Cleaning Equipment section of the product catalogue. Spares and service / repair are still available for most floor scrubber driers, so please contact us for information.

Please note: Some products qualify for the 'Enhanced Capital Allowance' scheme and are also on the water technology list. View full product details for more information. See more information about ECA

Did you know that for one-off cleaning jobs or occasional floor scrubbing, you can hire a scrubber dryer from B&G?