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Centralised Cleaning Systems

Cleaning systems designed and built by B&G for industrial and commercial cleaning

  • •  Centralised washdown systems
  • •  Up to 12 users on one system
  • •  Oil, gas or electric water heating
  • •  Pipe work installed if required
  • •  Free site visits to assess your needs

Modular Pressure Automatic Cleaning System (MPA)

M.P.A is a system providing the correct amount of water at the correct pressure for every cleaning task, anywhere on your premises. MPAs are easy to use, simply by accessing an outlet point (positioned for your requirements) and selecting the appropriate spray lance, any combination of water flow and pressure can be achieved. Combine this with the appropriate cleaning chemical or foam, and no job is too big for M.P.A, the perfect solution for washdown cleaning.

Spray lances can be colour coded to a specific cleaning task or hygiene area and with the VARIFLO spray lance the operator can adjust the flow and pressure to suit the task in hand.

The system uses a solution of chemicals usually heated which is introduced into pipework or vessel under pressure to clean the surface. It is a calculation to ascertain the correct quantities of the variables in use for this process to ensure that the surface has been cleaned to an acceptable standard. It is often possible to recover and reuse some or all of the chemical used - ask or Centralised Cleaning team for more information. .

Central pressure washing machines

B & G Cleaning Systems Ltd manufactures a full range of centralised washdown machines. The range covers from a single wall mounted cold water pressure washer like the Edge Puma, manufactured by B&G,  up to a six pump multi-pump machine capable of pressurising a hot water ring main which can be used by up to twelve operators simultaneously.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems

B & G will also design and manufacture bespoke pressure cleaning systems to suit a customer’s requirement including cleaning in place (CIP) assemblies.

Cleaning in Place systems are designed to clean apparatus automatically in situ. The system uses a solution of chemicals, usually heated, which is introduced into pipework or vessels under pressure to clean dirty surfaces - often used in industries such as Food, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy and Brewing etc. Please talk to our CIP system experts for more information. 

As well as a single wall mounted machine which can pressurise cold or hot water, we also manufacture a static hot water power washer which makes its own hot water using an oil fired water heater. This can be an efficient method to provide hot pressurised water via a ring main system to various points around a factory. The static hot machine is either for use by a single operator or for two operators washing simultaneously. The ring main is often a stainless steel pipe system running for many metres, however for smaller installations this may just be a few metres.

For larger water wash down requirements a multi-pump unit may be more energy efficient especially where there is a requirement for one or two operators most of the working day but at the end of a shift the cleaning is more intense requiring many more operators using the system simultaneously.

All of our central pressure systems can be used to apply foam chemicals and sanitisers. For this we use a number of options ranging from a single foam venturi to a central chemical distribution system whereby the chemical is pumped to satellite dispensers installed in the factory. At these wash stations the foam and sanitiser can be selected and applied using the appropriate lance. We have a number of accessories available such as floor cleaning attachments, high level cleaning lances, short variable pressure lances, tank cleaning nozzles, as well as the ability to design special nozzles for difficult cleaning tasks.

Types of Centralised Wash Down Systems

Both low pressure systems, medium pressure systems and high pressure systems are available or a combination of pressures can be accommodated by one pumping unit for washdown cleaning.
The correct cleaning pressure for each cleaning task can be determined by using our free factory survey. This will ensure that you get the most energy efficient, cost effective cleaning system for your factory.

We also place great importance on after sales service arrangements. This can be by means of a "pay as you receive" service plan, to a fully paid up annual maintenance plan, where one fee covers both service and breakdown visits.

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MPA Hydra System Centralised Washdown Machines

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Centralised cleaning systems image spraying equipment

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Wall Mounted Pressure Washer - Edge Puma
Wall Mounted Pressure Washer - Edge Puma
Wall mounted industrial cold water pressure cleaner.
Karcher IB 7/40 Adv
Karcher IB 7/40 Adv
High pressure dry ice blasting machine for a quick, less aggressive but thorough cleaning.
MPA Hydra Multi-Pump Cleaning System
MPA Hydra Multi-Pump Cleaning System
Central Washdown pump assembly
Long Life Superjet Hose
Long Life Superjet Hose
Electroplated or Stainless Steel Super Jet hose now available!
Prices from £41.40 + VAT