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Carpet Extraction Machine 

Cleaning carpets is an ongoing task familiar to all of us, perhaps some more than others. The old way of cleaning was simply to take it outside and beat the dirt out of it – a labour intensive and not altogether efficient method. fortunately, the arrival of the vacuum cleaner meant that the task could be done more regularly and without the risk of doing oneself serious damage in manhandling (or more likely womanhandling) a large piece of woven matting. However, even with regular vacuuming, dirt can still remain deep within the pile of a carpet and its periodic removal can improve the appearance and life of the carpet. This type of deeper cleaning is known as carpet extraction,

Methods of Carpet Dirt Extraction

A carpet can appear to be clean but because of the nature of the pile or the pattern deep down dirt can be hidden. There are primarily three methods of extraction –

Selecting Carpet Extraction Equipment

In buying carpet and upholstery cleaning machines there are many things to take into account. The type of extractor would be determined by the size of the area to be cleaned, the construction of the carpet, how often would extraction be required etc. The most important thing is probably to research the company you will be buying the carpet extractor from. The company should be well established with a good reputation to uphold and offer service facilities to ensure the machine is well maintained. Developments in carpet extraction machines, as in other cleaning equipment, are ongoing and you should be sure that you have the opportunity to buy the best machine that is available to you.

B&G Cleaning Systems have over 25 years experience in selling and servicing cleaning equipment. Talk to us for the best advice about carpet extraction machines.