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Commercial carpet cleaning machines

Carpet has been a popular form of floor covering for many years, particularly since the middle of the last century, when modern production methods brought the cost within the reach of more people. There is a fashion these days for bare floors in the belief that it is more aesthetically pleasing and more hygienic (although there is research which says that carpets trap allergens and do not distribute them); but carpets still offer an attractive and warm feeling floor covering.

Maintaining the carpet in a commercial environment is an important part of any good housekeeping regime as it represents a significant investment so looking after it should be high on the list of cleaning jobs. As well as making it last longer, a pretty good reason in itself, looking after your carpet makes it look better, both from an employee and visitor point of view. A dirty carpet, which appears uncared for, sends a message to the workforce and others that the company may be equally neglectful in other aspects of their business. Proper and regular carpet cleaning is necessary to ensure it lasts for as long as possible and retains its appearance.

The type of carpet, and how it is used, will determine how best to clean it, and there are many different types of carpet cleaning machine available to do the job easily and efficiently, e.g. this Karcher BRC 50/70.  

Karcher BR50/70 carpet cleaner

Types of carpet cleaning machine

A good vacuum cleaner is an essential carpet cleaning machine for both domestic and commercial use. It sucks up superficial dry dirt such as crumbs and dropped food. There is a variety of different types of vacuum cleaner on the market, including tub and upright models, and as a general principle, the efficient removal of dirt from a carpet is dependent to a large extent on the quality of the vacuum cleaner and also how it is used. For example, it is important that the dirt is collected in the machine and not allowed to become airborne and settle elsewhere - there's no point just moving dust around! Particular attention should be given to heavy pedestrian traffic areas dirt tends to build up around the perimeter perimeter edges and, if not removed, can leave dark lines.

Wet and dry vacuums are also available, with different settings to tackle both liquid and dry dirt.
Standard vacuum cleaners are ideal for regular cleaning, although they can only remove the dirt from the top of the carpet and cannot reach into the pile, so for a really deep clean, a much more powerful device is required, and for this job more advanced carpet cleaning machines are available.

Machines for deeper carpet cleaning

One of the most common methods of cleaning is known as “hot water extraction” using a carpet extraction machine like an Edge Carpetline 500S. This uses a powerful hot spray of chemicals in solution with water which is agitated into the carpet to enable the dirt to be separated from the carpet fibres, which is then sucked up by a vacuum. It is worth bearing in mind that as a carpet extraction machine is not something used every day there is always an option to hire this type of machine.

Most carpets can be cleaned in this way - but dry cleaning can be a better option for some kinds of flooring materials. When carpets do not need such a comprehensive clean, smaller, cheaper “spotter” machines will tackle small stains, although care should be taken to ensure that any chemicals used do not harm the carpet.

The best way of maintaining commercial carpet is to use proprietary commercial carpet cleaning machines, which should be of good quality and matched to the type of carpet and the amount of traffic. A professional cleaning equipment supplier can advise on the best machine for a particular application. For more detailed information on caring for carpet in the commercial environment the American Carpet and Rug Institute has lots of information. The principles of caring for your carpet are international, after all the vacuum cleaner was invented in the USA!

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